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Here's a shot of our family.



This is the web site of the Madden Family, Greg, Glendee, Scott, Heather, and Spot (the cat...)

We all live, happily ever after, in the house we built in Redondo Beach.

Greg grew up in Minnesota, went to college at Purdue in Indiana, where he earned a BSEE and met Glendee.

Glendee grew up in Indiana, went to college at Purdue, where she earned a BS in Restaurant, Hotel, and Institutional Management.

Greg had a computer store while he went to college and was an early Apple Dealer.

Eventually Greg got a good job offer to work for the defense contractor TRW in Redondo Beach and moved to California. Glendee wasn't ready to move so stayed back in Indiana and eventually met and married Brad. After about 15 years, Glendee decided that wasn't working out. On a trip out to sunny California to visit her brother Gregg, she ran into Greg once again and their relationship rekindled. One year later Glendee filed for a divorce and moved out to Sunny California.

Glendee and Greg were married by the Ship's Captain on the Queen Mary on July 28th, 2000.

Soon thereafter, Greg and Glendee bought a small single family house on a nice lot in Redondo Beach. After a couple of years, they started planning for a new house to replace the little 1950's house on the lot.

Scott was born on May 28th, 2003.

After a couple years of planning, construction started on the new house on xx/xx/2005.

Heather was born on May 17th, 2008.

Construction finally finished on xx/xx/2008 (although there are still an infinite number of things to 'finish'. See the web pages on the house for construction details.