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This is the house we built between 2005 and 2008. The architects were Denise Castrobran and Jim Eserts. We did our best not to constrain the architects or to over-rule their 'vision'. The project was done as Owner/Builder by Greg Madden.

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We Have A Couple Of New Additions...

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We have two new additions to our collection of rental properties. The first is 115 E. Smith St., in Oxford, Indiana. It was originally built as a bank in approximately 1895. It is two stories with a basement, approximately 1000 sq ft per floor. Both floors are currently configured as rental units.

The second is 107 E. Smith St., also in Oxford, Indiana. It was built by the Masons in about 1915 as a Masonic Lodge. It is also two stories with a bsement, with approximately 4800 sq ft per floor. The first floor is currently configured as modern office space on the west side ('West Wing'), and a little more dated office space on the east side ('East Wing').

The original spaces are 12' tall with beautiful tin ceilings. The building was a Masonic Temple from 1915 to about 1979.

We'll be working to restore the building as much as possible, removing the 'improvements', which are mostly in the office space areas.

If you know anything about the history of this building, by all means get in touch with us as I'd like to collect information on the configuration and use of the building over it's life.

Moving to LED Lighting

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When we obtained our building permit in 2004, we were under an early version of Title-24. We were required to install High Efficacy lights in the kitchen and in the bathrooms. To meet the requirements we used 6" recessed flourescent light fixtures since LED lighting was very expensive at the time.

Since then LED lighting costs have come down considerably, and since our electric bill has gone up considerably, we've been switching over to LED lighting.

Our Basement Perimeter Drainage System

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Since this house has a basement, we wanted to make sure there was no possibility of ground water intrusion into the basement. We installed a perimetere drain pipe around the basement foundation, which drains into an 11' deep by 4' diameter concrete sump in the front yard.

The roof also drains into gutters, which connect to downspouts, and then to pipes which drain into the sump.